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Cash for crash buses

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So you’ve heard of cash for crash crimes that involve cars but now this has extended to buses as well. Scammers are now creating made up passengers to claim for compensation for injuries and stress. This crime wave is costing the economy billions every year as the majority of claims are made fraudulently.

A recent case has been made public when an Audi purposely drove into the side of a bus and a total of 36 fake claims were made. The organisers of this crime are said to belong to an underworld gang. Many accidents are staged nowadays to attempt getting money from insurance companies. As the recession is still leaving a devastating trail, people are resorting to fraud in order to survive. Of course this is wrong because they do not understand how cash for crash crime is affecting all of us.

Cash for crash crimes, how they affect you?

As a result of these fraudulent claims, insurance premiums raise for everyone as there are losses to be recovered in the insurance industry. Mechanics get more business thus drive up their prices, therefore smaller garages and business also have to put up their rates for competition. Bogus claims companies keep cropping up due to demand for their services, leaving many innocent and unsuspecting people who are genuinely hurt claiming for compensation but take their money instead.

Out of the whole of the European Union, the UK has the highest claims for whiplash with a 70% rise in claims during the past six years; funnily enough we have less car accidents than the whole of Europe. GPs have warned that 25% of the 600,000 claims that are put forward each year are either fake or over diagnosed. It is thought that it costs the economy £2billion a year in compensation alone. Strangely enough people who are involved in minor accidents are the ones most likely to claim for over the top compensation claims.

Five years ago, the average for car insurance was just over £300; it has now more than tripled to approximately £971. The transport secretary is encouraging all young drivers and women to have the black box fitted that will reduce premiums by half. I don’t see cash for crashes stopping anytime soon as there is too much financial pressure so criminal gangs are able to get away with this crime easily.

It may be worth re-thinking black box car insurance to see if you can save money; it would be a shame to discard black box insurance completely if you could save even a little money. If people suspect someone of being involved in this crime, they should do their duty and report them - you could save lives.

Peaches Published 08 May 2012
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