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You Know You Have To Be Insured For DSA Part 2 Check Test So Don't Procrastinate

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If you are a PDI (Potential Driving Instructor), you know that there are three parts to the test to enable you to become an ADI (Approved Driving Instructor). The second part of the test is a practical driving test. The practical driving test is very similar to the one you take when you are a learner driver, only know the test is much harder and is aimed at making sure you can drive as safely as you teach.

Although very difficult to fail there are some who need to take the test a few times before they can eventually pass. During this time you may be using a car belonging to an ADI that has insurance to cover your usage. If you choose to use your own vehicle to sit the DSA part 2 check test, then you may need to take out additional insurance cover for your check test.

##Getting insurance cover for the DSA part 2 check test

You can insure your car daily but the costs are extremely high, for example, cover for just one day can cost you £40 so if you don't pass first time round you may have to keep renewing. The driving instructor test can be a little daunting and that's why some people fail but to save money you could go with a driving school that already has proper insurance in place to enable you to take the test in their car instead.

When you are ready for your check test you can either choose to do role play or you can use a student to demonstrate your teaching skills. If you are using a student then they will not be insured in your own car so this is another reason why you may need to take out additional insurance to make sure the learner driver is covered.

gices Published 25 Apr 2010
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