Japanese Cars Are Reliable And The Cost To Insure Them Should Reflect This

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Japanese cars are, no doubt, one of the best cars running on the roads of UK. What makes them stand distinct from other cars is their wide array of features and specifications at comparatively cheaper price. However, lower price of these cars have their own costs. Some of the Japanese cars are not built according to European standards (including the standards of UK). The difference in standards may mean that you can pay considerably more for Japanese car insurance if you do not shop around.

However, lower insurance quotes should not really be your point of focus because you may end up buying a vehicle which give you more grief and stress than something which is a little more to insure but is hassle free. Japanese cars like Honda, Toyota, Subaru, Lexus and Mitsuibishi have been shown to be more reliable than any other cars and a recent survey has proven this as well. Therefore you cannot go wrong with these cars.

The principle factor that determines the cost of Japanese car insurance is the import group to which your car belongs. These import groups are: parallel imports and grey imports. A car is categorized under grey import when it is not built as per European standards. EU doesn't approve a car that belongs to grey import and hence it makes it difficult for such car owners to find a suitable insurer for his Japanese car. Another reason why insurers becomes reluctant to provide cheap insurance to grey imports is that it is very difficult to readily find the spare parts of the grey import cars in any UK market. So, an owner of such a car has to import the spare parts as well.

On the other hand, if your car belongs to parallel imports then you have higher chances of finding affordable Japanese car insurance. This is because the EU approves all parallel imports. Moreover, almost all of the parallel imports come into UK from the EEC itself. If you spend some time to find a suitable parallel import car, then you may also have the chance to find the Japanese cars with right hand drives. All the parallel imports have almost identical specifications to that of UK equivalents.

If you are willing to take care of certain things continuously, you can save a lot on your premiums as well as on the initial cost of the insurance for your japanese car. Always park your car inside the garage and not on the road. Locking up your car every night can save you almost 5% of your insurance cost. Try to avoid buying sporty cars or high performance cars. More usual type cars will cost you less not only for the car maintenance, but also for the insurance premiums.

The more experienced a driver is, the less costly his Japanese car insurance is. Always remember that regardless of the number of drivers running the car, an insurer will base the premiums rates on the experience level of the least experienced driver or the youngest driver. Never try to add some advanced features or some new modifications to your car because this measure can sky-rocket your premiums. Besides, you will also find it difficult to get a suitable insurer for your Japanese car insurance. You can further reduce your insurance cost (in most cases by up to 8%) by adding some nationally approved security devices in your car.

gices Published 30 Jul 2010
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